Services for Employers

Graduate Recruitment (back to top)

Graduate Recruitment enables employers to recruit final year students for graduate positions to commence on completion of their studies, or penultimate year students for summer internships and practical work experience during vacations.
Graduate Recruitment activities can be booked on CareerConnect as follows:

  • Information Session: click on the "Events" icon and complete the form
  • Recruitment: click on the "Jobs" icon and complete the form
  • For each of the above, select "Final Year Recruitment" in the "Service" box
  • All students registered are able to view all recruitment details on CareerConnect.

After your Event or Job booking is approved by the Murdoch Careers and Employment Centre you will receive an email message and can check the confirmed details yourself on CareerConnect. The same information is also then available to registered students.

You are welcome to contact us on 08 9360 2596 to check available dates or discuss your individual requirements.

Vacancy Service (back to top)

Select the appropriate group of students for your particular vacancy in the "Service" box.

Do we charge employers?

Apart from a charge for mail-outs or emails to specific course groups of students (if requested), our services are free. We do, however, always welcome donations to assist in improving our resources and service.

We look forward to assisting you with your employment needs.

Publicity (back to top)

Job Vacancies and Graduate Recruitment opportunities are publicised to students in a number of ways:

  • Monthly emailed newsletter to students who have registered themselves onCareerConnect
  • Publicity posters provided by employers
  • Our Targeted Mail Service which enables employers to email or direct-mail recruitment information to students in specific subject or course groups.


We distribute posters and promotional material campus-wide, including university departments, lecture blocks and libraries, so Murdoch Careers and Employment Centre is the only point of contact you need to achieve maximum coverage.
The most effective posters are bold and brief and, ideally, should include:

  • A bold, clear heading indicating all your preferred subject majors
  • Your company name and a brief explanation of your activities
  • Information Session date, time and venue (if applicable)
  • Application procedure and closing date
  • Your website.

Please note that, because of space limitations on Murdoch Careers and Employment Centre and campus notice boards, we cannot display or distribute posters larger than A4 and only require approximately 5 posters. Please ensure we receive posters 2 weeks in advance of your earliest recruitment date.

Targeted Mail Service

Employers wishing to target a specific student cohort to promote current opportunities via email or mail out will incur the following costs:

  • Initial student search report - $110* (for both mail-outs and
    emails) plus the associated cost for method of delivery.*Complex search reports will be charged at $220.
    • email out - $1.10 per email
    • Mail out -
      • Option One: Pre-packed (sealed), local postage paid envelopes (Employer to pack their
        own franked or stamped envelopes):
        $2.20 per item for DL size / $3.30 per item for C4/C5 size.
      • Option Two: Unpacked (unsealed), local postage paid envelopes (Careers and
        Employment Centre to pack franked or stamped employer envelopes):
        $3.30 per item for DL size / $4.40 per item for C4/C5 size.
        * Additional charges will be incurred for postage to overseas addresses.
  • If you require further information please contact the Murdoch Careers and
    Employment Centre on 08 9360 2596 or email

All communications will include the following message:

“The Murdoch Careers and Employment Centre has organised this mail-out and has not released your name and address to our organisation. Our organisation does not collect information obtained from the receipt of returned mail.”

Please note that a charge of $110* is incurred for all search reports, regardless of whether you proceed with email out or direct mail out. *Complex search reports will be charged at $220.

An invoice will be forwarded to you from the University on completion of the mail-out. Please note that additional charges apply for postage to overseas addresses.

Information sessions (back to top)

When booking Information Sessions we try to arrange the time and venue to suit your target group of students, but obviously this is dependent on the availability of lecture theatres. To book your Information Session, click on the Graduate Recruitment Programme button and follow the procedure for "Events".

If you arrange your own Information Session off-campus, please ensure you notify us of the details so we can include them on our website

Audio-visual Equipment
There are excellent audio-visual services available on campus. Just specify the type of equipment required on the "Events" booking form eg, video/data projector; PowerPoint datashow (own laptop). Overhead projectors and slide carousels are standard equipment in all lecture theatres and do not need to be booked.

Parking permits are available for the day of your session. Please contact us to arrange the correct number of permits.

Refreshments are not permitted in lecture theatres. For Information Sessions after 5.15pm only, it is possible for employers to arrange for refreshments to be set up in the lecture theatre foyer, if suitable.
Please initially discuss your catering plans with us to ensure appropriate facilities are available.

Company recruitment material (back to top)

Brochures or information handouts are an extremely effective way of informingstudents about the opportunities available to them as graduates within your organisation.Recruitment material is placed on a display stand in the Murdoch Careers and Employment Centre forstudents to take and in our Career Reference Area, together with annual reports,corporate profiles or any other resource material you send. We would appreciatebeing put on your mailing list to receive company publications.

Recruitment material should reach us 2-3 weeks prior to your Information Session, or your closing date if no Session. Numbers required will vary according to the disciplines you are recruiting and could vary from 50 to several hundred. We are happy to advise you on this.
Please ensure that all inserts, such as application forms or information sheets, are enclosed with each brochure prior to sending so that students have all the material required in one handout.

Company Websites
Include your company website when you register as we encourage students to use the Internet to research company and job information. Employers seeking on-line applications should include the specific website for their graduate recruitment or job vacancy section.

Applications from students (back to top)

It is important to give clear instructions in your recruitment and publicity material indicating what your target subject areas are and the procedure for applying to your organisation.